Instagram Reel Ideas for Photographers

This post contains Instagram reel ideas for photographers.

Instagram reels can be overwhelming. It’s just one more thing to add to our already full plates, and to be honest… us photographers feel way more comfortable with photo content, right??

When reels first came out, I avoided them like the plague. Video content was intimidating, and I definitely don’t have the personality to be dancing and pointing at things on camera like some creators do.

But I’ve found ways to make Instagram reels work for me, and I’ve seen HUGE reach on IG from them! The reels that I post reach at least 2-3x more non-followers than my feed posts do. So yes, even though they take time and work, I think they are definitely worth trying out!

I’ve rounded up a bunch of ideas for you if you’re lacking motivation or inspiration (or both), including ideas that target your ideal client and other photographers in case you want to dabble in some educational reels.

I hope these reel ideas for photographers can inspire you to start creating your own video content on Instagram!

instagram reel ideas for photographers

ideas to target your ideal client:
  1. Behind the scenes of a session (if you are like me and struggle to remember to take BTS on your phone throughout a session, check out this hot shoe mount from amazon for your phone! makes it so easy to record while you’re shooting and get LOTS of video content!)
  2. Before/after edits
  3. Walkthrough your editing process on a photo
  4. Day in the life
  5. Slideshow style video of photos from a session
  6. Answer a frequently asked question
  7. Share outfit ideas for clients
  8. Give tips to your clients for planning their session
  9. What to expect when working with you
  10. Showcase different products you offer (prints, print boxes, canvases, etc)
  11. Checklist for a photo session or wedding day
  12. Sample wedding day timelines
  13. Give insight to how you help brides plan their day
  14. Share your story of how you became a photographer
  15. Share a personal story
  16. Motivational quote /saying
  17. Show clients how to download photos from their gallery & order prints
  18. Show clients the best ways to back up their photos
  19. Introduce yourself to new followers
  20. Share what makes you different from other photographers
  21. The moment vs. the photo
  22. Share BTS of a session/wedding day and then the edited photos
  23. Share testimonials
  24. Show current trends + give inspiration for clients
  25. Show photos from when you first started vs. where you are now
ideas to target OTHER PHOTOGRAPHERS/
  1. Share your favorite equipment (camera, lenses, accessories)
  2. Posing tips
  3. Mistakes you made when you first started your business
  4. Apps and software you use daily
  5. Advice for beginner photographers
  6. Share your photographer OOTD for a session or wedding day
  7. Editing tips & tricks
  8. Your morning/evening routine
  9. Share your favorite camera/lens combo
  10. Show your workspace + favorite productivity tips

This post was about photography reels and reel ideas for photographers. 


This hot shoe mount is game-changer when it comes to getting video content, especially behind the scenes! I just simply record while I’m shooting and it doesn’t interrupt the session flow or your shooting. A must have for sure!

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